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Discover 5 Shariah Compliant Ways To Save More Money In Singapore…

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  • A Quick way to save up for emergencies. This will give you a peace of mind, rather than panicking and trying to scramble up money from nowhere. You know, you have a safety net to protect you 100%
  • My FV = PV Wealth Creation System. This simple but powerful formula gives you a systematic approach to growing your networth in the next 6 months.
  • "Your Financial M.A.P." - A Standard Step By Step Guide To Grow Your Money And Wipe All Of your Loans With Riba, Using Shariah Compliant Financial Strategies

Before meeting Helmi Hakim, finance was a headache. Especially because I got married, moved into my new house and has a new born child. In Singapore, all these cost a lot of money and draining my cashflow massively.

But once I met Helmi, he helped me to go through my cashflow statement and reduce my outflow by 20%! That means, I have more money in my pocket at the end of every month and it relieves my financial burden significantly! Thanks Helmi!

Harris Rahmat
32 years old, Technician

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